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John D. Adamson – Geologist 31 years

Mr., Adamson holds a B.S. in Geology from the University of Wyoming (1976). Certified Professional Geologist with 31 years of exploration & development experience. Professional employment as an independent consulting geologist spans over 23 years. His expertise is very broad, enabling him to perform in many arenas as follows: management, project concept, development and presentation, geological evaluation, economic appraisals, land acquisitions, reserve purchases, drilling operations, well-site geology, well permitting, lease brokerage, royalty evaluations, estate appraisals, drilling funds, company appraisals and contract experience (i.e. farmout, operating agreements, lease and royalty assignments, etc.). John has also attained basin experience in various geological provinces with diverse sedimentary and structural environments. His career encompasses an extensive background in analyzing and interpreting exploration data. Recent career involves oil and gas project concept development and advancement of a variety of strategic business plans for developing properties in the oil and gas industry. Several business models have been recently evaluated for participation and/or investment. John is on the Board of Directors of the Utah chapter of the American Institute of Professional Geologist and Society of Petroleum Engineers. AIPG. Wyoming PG, Utah PG

Lane Lasrich – CPL 31 years

Mr. Lasrich graduated with a B.A. in Finance and Marketing from the University of Utah. He began a career in land work upon graduation from college in 1979. As an Independent Landman Lane Lasrich has worked all federal and state land offices in the west, done field examination and leasing in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, and New Mexico, prepared contracts ranging from acquisitions to farmouts to operating agreement to units, and is an expert in energy title analysis. As an investor he has held and sold hundreds of leases within the Rocky Mountain area and participated in dozens of exploratory and developmental wells. His family has been in the oil & gas exploration business for over 65 years in the Rocky Mountain region. Lane is a Certified Professional Landman. He served three two-year terms on the Board of Directors for the American Association of Professional Landman, Chaired the Annual Meeting Committee in 2001 when AAPL held their convention in Salt Lake City, and was chairman of AAPL’s Public Lands Committee for two consecutive terms.

Gregory Francis – Geologist 38 years

Geologist with 38 years experience in exploration, field development, and gas storage projects throughout the western USA. He is a Master of Science graduate of Utah State University. Mr. Francis was a long time employee of the Questar Corporation family of companies (some before moving to Europe to do consulting in petroleum and water industries. At Questar he was division exploration manager for some 10 years, managed up to 20 people with budgets of 20 – 70 million per year. He has held various leadership and management positions throughout his career including, Division Manager for Questar, Board Member Utah Geological Survey, and was appointed by Secretary of Interior as Board Member of the United States Bureau of Land Management (1988-1992). He is acknowledged as discoverer of the prolific Dripping Rock trend in the southwest Wyoming. Areas of expertise include Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Bob Bereskin – Geologist Ph.D.

A graduate of University of Southern California and a Ph. D from UC-Santa Barbara, Mr. Bereskin is acknowledged as one of the top Reservoir Engineering Geologists in the Country. Mr. Bereskin is both an academic geologist (Professor at the University of Utah) and exploration geologist. Mr. Bereskin has had company experience as an exploration manager from 1981-1998, and has been the V.P. of Geology for Tesseract Corp. since 1998, which consults for industry and research and development projects. Mr. Bereskin has to his credit twenty publications and is an expert in coalbed methane, complex carbonates, tight sandstones and shales. Areas of expertise include Wyoming basins, central California and the Uinta Basin of northeastern Utah.

Michael Pentilla - Geophysicist

Mr. Pentilla is geophysicist with 33 years of oil and gas experience. Mr. Pentilla is a graduate of the Montana School of Mines, Butte, Montana, and started his employment in the oil & gas industry with Amoco Production Co. in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Pentilla has other industry experience with Amerada Hess and Jerry Chambers Oil Producer, both in Denver, Colorado. In the late 1970s, Mr. Pentilla formed Target Geophysical Co., a data processing company and a speculative seismic acquisition company. Mr. Pentilla profitably managed Target Geophysical Co. until the mid-1980s, when he sold his stake in the company to his partners. Since that time Mr. Pentilla has been involved in several speculative seismic survey acquisition ventures as well maintaining his geophysical consulting business. His experience lies in the Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent basins of the US. He has been associated with Captiva Resources for the last 6 years as a consultant and is currently acting Chief Geophysicist for Trinidad Exploration and Development Company a Captiva managed company in operating in Trinidad & Tobago